Coronavirus Boosts Demand for Canterbury Properties

It has been a good few weeks since estate agency has reopened and we’re starting to see what the property market might look like in the immediate future. With lockdown confining people to their homes for several weeks it makes sense that the type of property people are looking might change.

Looking For a Country Escape

In the seven days following the property industry being allowed to re-open, Rightmove has reported a massive jump in buyer demand of over 20% in coastal areas in the South of England. Topping the list are Canterbury and Truro – areas we know well.

It appears that having a limited number of times you can leave the house and a restriction on the types of activities you can do has had people reassessing their lifestyles. Most estate agents have reported an increase in interest in rural and coastal property searches in recent weeks.

Rural Canterbury

During lockdown, people were forced to spend a lot more time in their homes. This is likely to have people considering the suitability of their home and how a different type of property could suit them better. This combined with living in a city where there is a lack of fresh air and green spaces to visit seems to have tempted people to look further away than usual for a new home.

People are considering what they’ll do if we experience lockdown again – and having countryside and beaches on their doorsteps appears to be on people’s must-have lists.

Canterbury Centre

A Move to Canterbury

We already know that Canterbury, Whitstable and the surrounding areas have much to offer anyone who loves the great outdoors. We’re seeing an increase in demand for living in these areas especially from Londoners who have found that city living isn’t for them and instead are searching for sea air, beaches and often, bigger houses that offer better value for money.

Canterbury alone has seen a 23% increase in interest compared to this time last year. It is thought that Londoners are the main people giving the local market such a boost, but people from other nearby big cities will also be affecting the numbers.

Canterbury appears high on the list for many reasons – the fact that it has so many parks, woods, and countryside locations to visit will definitely help tempt people to the area. Its great transport links, array of restaurants to choose from, and fantastic art scene will also help! People who live in London are likely to enjoy a variety of things to do in their spare time; Canterbury has all of this alongside some amazing beaches and beautiful scenery.

When Life Returns To Normal

Over recent weeks we have seen lots of people given the facility to work from home by their employer. Although restrictions are starting to be lifted and many people are returning to workplaces, there is likely to be some flexibility for long-term working from home for many people. This will allow greater flexibility on where to live for people who have to worry less about a long commute every day.

Canterbury is less than an hour from London by train, so if people can work from home a majority of the time and travel into London to work on occasion, you can see why people would be tempted by country life compared to city living.

The wonderful thing about the area is that there are so many different places to choose from. Canterbury is a vibrant town, Deal is popular with Londoners for its great places to eat and Whitstable has some beautiful beaches. These are all within a short distance of each other, so no matter the location of your next property, if it’s in this area you’ll be well catered for.

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