What’s So Special AboutA Buyer Information Pack?

If you have bought or sold a house in the UK before, you might be wondering why you haven’t come across a Buyer Information Pack before. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in thinking this – we wonder why all estate agents don’t use them too! They’re a huge part of the process we go through to get a house ready to market and we find them invaluable to the smooth and quick progress of any sale.

What is a Buyer Information Pack?

If you have put all of your hard work into getting your home ready for sale and the emotional process of accepting an offer, the last thing you want is for all of this to be fruitless and for you to have to start the process again. We wanted to provide a tool that allows you to secure a sale quicker, which gives the transaction a better chance of completion.

We’ll work with you when we list your home to put the pack together. It will include all of the transaction critical information needed once your home reaches the conveyancing stage – already making this stage of your sale journey much quicker and more efficient.

Often sellers are asked for this information during the conveyancing process which slows down the whole process and can delay the exchange of contracts. By having this already done, you’re cutting down the time-scale of this process.

Buyer Info Pack
Buyer information pack

Who Gets The Buyer Information Pack?

As the name suggests, a copy of this pack will be provided to the buyer of your property. Once someone indicates to us that they’re serious about putting in an offer, we’ll provide them with a copy of the whole pack on like. This means that they already have a wealth of information about your home, and their future home before they make an offer. This allows them to be more confident in placing an offer and as a seller, you get peace of mind that this offer is informed and serious.

As soon as the sale is agreed, we’ll sell the Buyer Information Pack over to the conveyancing solicitors. This means they have all of the documents to get started and this saves an average of 2 weeks over the whole process. Getting you on the journey to your new home much quicker!

Now can you see why we don’t understand why more estate agents don’t do this too?

Why Is This So Important?

Did you know that a quarter of people who purchase a home have viewed it for less than an hour before they buy it? Considering buying a home is probably the biggest transaction you’ll do in your life, this doesn’t seem much time to decide where you and your family will be living.

It is great if you like the look of a property, but in less than 60 minutes have you had time to check it out properly to ensure it’s going to give you everything you need? The answer is probably not! However, the Buyer Information Pack allows the potential buyer to read this through at their own time and learn everything they wanted to know and couldn’t find out in the hour they were viewing – just makes sense doesn’t it?

We have loads more information on this within our free online journal, come and have a look!

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