Why Is Having a Local Estate Agent So Essential?

Buying or selling a home is a big deal and we understand that choosing who to sell with can feel like a tough decision. In most areas, it will seem like you have lots of choices when it comes to estate agents and they’ll all offer you a range of services, promising to deliver something that no one else does. 

However, how many of these talk about their love for the local area? Are they passionate about one of your local restaurants or can they tell you which secondary school has the best reputation?

Benefiting From Local Knowledge

When someone is looking at a home to buy, they’re looking at more than four walls. They’re investing in the idea of a new life, what their dream home could bring them and what all of this means for the people they’ll be moving with.

When you use an estate agent that has real local knowledge, they’re able to help the buyer picture this and help tell them exactly how their new life, in your old home will be. They can help with how near the local school is, whether the local supermarket is nearby and even talk about their favourite places to eat.

It might not seem that important, but it really is. People fall in love with the idea of what their new life could be like and they can only do that by knowing what the area they are considering can bring them.

When Does Local Not Mean Local?

For many people ‘local’ can be subjective. Perhaps 45 minutes’ drive away isn’t too bad when it comes to going for dinner somewhere nice, but how much knowledge can someone have of an area if they live so far away?

For us, local means local. Tom Arnold, our Altrincham estate agent has lived in the area his whole life. He can tell you about the school he went to, where he hung out growing up, and even where he got his first job!

His passion for the area really shows. After all, if an area is so good and an estate agent is trying to tell someone how much of a great place it is to live, why do they live 45 minutes away themselves?

All of our estate agents live, breathe and love the local area they work in which benefits everyone 

when it comes to selling your property.

Selling Your Home

It isn’t just the buyers that benefit from this second-to-none knowledge and experience. Our estate agents don’t just value properties by looking online, using previous statistics, and guessing what yours could be worth.
They know the area, they have worked with lots of different properties within your area and they really know which properties are selling, how much they’re selling for, and exactly how much yours is worth.
With such an important selling decision, why would you choose to market with an estate agent that can’t give you all of this?
If you think that Altrincham has everything to keep your whole family happy (and let’s face it, it does) then get in touch with us for how to find your perfect home nearby!

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