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People often talk about how complicated selling a house is, telling everyone it is the most stressful thing someone can do in their life. However, we disagree! Selling your house, for whatever reason, is the start of a new chapter. We know there are lots of reasons why selling your home might be emotional and even sometimes a little bittersweet, but one thing we can promise is that it will be as stress-free as possible. We know how important your time is and value that beyond anything else, so when we say we’ll take care of everything – we mean it!

The Process of Selling Your Home

The way your home is sold will vary a little depending on the method you chose and who you chose to sell it for you. However, with a traditional estate agency you’ll find you mostly go through the same process:

        Meet the Branch Manager or Valuer, who will visit you in your home and provide you with a valuation for your property and quote of how much their commission will be.

        If you go ahead with this, you’ll be passed to a sales negotiator who will start to talk to you about your property advert, when you’ll be on the market, and how the process will progress. You won’t have met them and they probably won’t have visited your property.

        Once all of this is done, you’ll start to deal with another person – The Viewing Assistant. They’ll be the person who shows your potential buyers around and possibly the first viewing they conduct will be the first time they visit your home.

        When you have an offer you have accepted and the property is Sold Subject to Contract you’ll then deal with another person, within the sales progression team of your chosen estate agent.

This means that throughout the sale of your home you’ll deal with 4 or more people, some of whom haven’t visited your home nor met you. When you consider all of this, you can see why it might get stressful.

The KnockKnock Way

We value your time and well-being, so when you deal with one of our local estate agents they are the person you’ll deal with from start to finish. This means you get someone dedicated to your sale who has enough knowledge and experience to be considered a Branch Manager to help with your viewings and tying up the sale when you have an offer being progressed.

You’ll meet our local estate agent when you first get your property valued. They’ll be based locally, mostly having been based there for a long length of time or even being born and raised there like Tom, our Altrincham estate agent. You’ll get a feel for them and how much they love the local area, which always helps too!

This feeling of passion you get from them will be the same buzz any viewers get when they visit your property. They’re not going to be meeting a viewing assistant who can just show them around your house – they’ll meet the same knowledgeable, experience person you trusted to sell your home, so why wouldn’t they trust them to be the person they buy the home from?         

Want to know more about how selling your home with KnockKnock will be a totally different estate agency experience? Get in touch today!     

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