Places near Farnham ThatNot Everyone Knows About

Farnham, Surrey is a beautiful part of the country so it is no surprise that there are plenty of ‘things to do in Farnham’ guides online. Whether you want somewhere nice for lunch, a country walk or fancy a bit of adventure on your day out, you’ll find loads of places in and around Farnham that tick all the boxes. However, do you really want to spend your days in Farnham doing the same as everyone else? Here are just a handful of unusual, fun, and slightly different things you can do in and around Farnham.

Walks By Water

Although not strictly off the grid, it definitely doesn’t appear on as many ‘to-do’ lists as some of the places in the area. There are three ponds at Waggoners Wells, which used to be private land and you’re able to walk around them all. Some of the pathways aren’t completely smooth so that should be taken into account before you decide to visit. That said, you can see the fish near to the surface of the water on a sunny evening, feed the ducks and it offers free parking, so absolutely worth a visit if you’re nearby.

Places To Eat

Café 1759 is in Bordon around 15 minutes’ drive away, if you’re looking for a nice breakfast or brunch then you won’t be disappointed. It’s an independent café located within the new builds of Bordon, and the food is phenomenal. They also do different crafting, well-being, and social events so it is worth checking out if they offer anything that might be of interest to you. While you’re in Bordon you could check out ‘The Ranges’ if you fancy a walk – the scenery there is beautiful!

In the evening there are several ‘pop-up’ food vans that are unlike any others too. The pizza van on Water Lane has a fabulous reputation and well worth a visit. Look up where Hermano’s Taco Truck will be if you fancy some authentic street food too

A Bit Of Adventure

If you’re looking for family fun that offers up a bit of adventure then you’ll be pleased to know Farnham does not disappoint. You can head to Bordon and visit Go Ape! at the Alice Holt Forest or take a trip to South Godstone and have fun riding some Segways at Segway Unleashed. Caterham, Aldershot, Bordon, and Liphook all have skate parks with ramps suitable for BMX’s, skateboards, and roller skates – all of them a short drive from Farnham.

The Scenery

This part of the country offers up some amazing walks – Bourne Woods has some amazing parts to see, you’ll even see some bits that look familiar as they have been used in films. For a quieter walk, Caesars Camp at the top of the town is highly recommended. There are also some beautiful walks to be had through the woodland at Brookwood Cemetery a short drive away too.

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